The role of 24AROUND is (as with 24NANNIES) aimed at creating a trusted (work) environment where both our employees and our customers and their families / organizations feel comfortable and safe.
The 24AROUND talent team is a direct result of our company 24NANNIES. Our team of talents is often deployed as: Personal Assistant, Management Assistant, Family Manager / Supporter, House Manager, etc.
For us, 24AROUND is therefore a broadening of the same core values ​​that we also have at our company 24NANNIES.
24NANNIES has 7 years of experience in housing screened Nannies with our clients’ families. To be a Nanny you have a number of characteristics: Service-oriented, sensitive to the unspoken needs of our customer / family, being / remaining in the background, decisive when the situation requires it, thinking ahead, being able to respond flexibly to the needs of a family.
In all years, having an eye for the needs of our employees and for the customer is the most important thing in our way of acting. We see that our Nannies are highly appreciated by our customers and families, so we regularly experience that a Nanny eventually grows up to a position as a Personal Assistant for our customer. Our employees also grow into many great positions within the business community where they do justice to the core qualities we described earlier.
We have selected a number of people from the network of young professionals who have worked as a Nanny at 24NANNIES or who are related to 24NANNIES, based on their characteristics: Sensitive, service-oriented, decisive, working from the background and able to deal with pressure. We help these people and customers by bringing them together. Our experience is that these people can help our customers in a role as: Personal Assistant, Management Assistant, Family Manager etc.
We are based in Amsterdam and Ibiza.


Our recruitment team is based in Amsterdam and Ibiza. With 7 years of experience in recruitment and screening and we would love to help you out finding your perfect match!