Our team is based in Amsterdam and Ibiza. We have enjoyed temporary jobs in Austria, Spain (Barcelona and Ibiza) ourselves many times. We are highly experienced with running B&B’s abroad and providing tailored personal support to families and small organizations such as personal assistance, babysitting, and many more allround tasks in and around houses. With 4 years of experience in recruitment and screening and we would love to help you out finding your perfect match!


Our network consists of *mostly Dutch* screened, well educated and representative talents that are interested in cultural exchange. A lot of our travellers are taking a time-out after graduation, are situated in-between jobs or are just taking a break from their 9 to 5 lives. Which means; a great opportunity to work abroad for a while and explore other cultures, languages and countries and help other families, hosts or entrepreneurs.


The hosts, families and entrepreneurs that provide our talents with great seasonal or temporary jobs, are mostly in need of some great help during the busy season. We investigate the situation of the host and create a tailored vacancy, based upon their exact needs. We match the vacancy to the profile of one of our candidates, plan an introduction and coordinate the start of the job.